Thursday, July 15, 2010

Black Forest Cake

Birthday cake for my second daughter.

Found the recipe here ...!/photo.php?pid=4499727&id=373524713882&fbid=405011098882

Black Forest Cake

Chocolate Sponge
5 nos. Whole eggs
100g Fine Sugar
120g Cake flour
50g Cocoa powder
40ml Water
15g Q75 (sp) (ovallete)
20g Corn flour
10g Baking power
35ml Cooking oil


1) Mix eggs, sugar, cake flour, water ,Q75 (sp), Corn flour, baking powder in the mixer, mix it with high speed for approximately 3-4mins.

2) Pour in the cocoa powder and oil and mix it with low speed for approximately 1-2mins.

3) Pour the batter onto a cake mould and bake it at 180°C for approximately 25-30mins using circulating heat mode.

Cherry Filling

500gm Mixed Cherry with berries
50gm Sugar
50ml Water
30gm Corn Flour


1) Cook the mixed cherry with berries, sugar, water over low heat using the induction hob (Power 4).

2) Mix in corn flour and cook until mixture thickens.

Chocolate Mousse

30ml Milk
120gm Dark Chocolate
1pc Gelatin sheet
250ml Whipping Cream (Cooking)


1) Heat up the milk over low heat using induction hob (power 4), add in dark chocolate to melt and stir well.

2) Soak gelatin with ice water, then bain marie to soften gelatin to liquid texture.

3) Whisk the whipping cream at high speed till soft peak formed.

4) Pour in the cream to the dark chocolate mixture and mix well, then add in gelatin.

Vanilla Mousse

1/2pc Vanilla Pod
300ml Whipping Cream (Cooking)
1pc Gelatin Sheet


1) Soak gelatin in ice water, the bain marie soften gelatin to liquid texture.

2) Whisk the whipping cream and vanilla pod at high speed till soft peak formed.

3) Mix the gelatin into the whipping cream.

Topping Cream (Décor)

800ml Whipping Cream


1) Pour the cream into the mixer and whisk at high speed till stiff and smooth consistency.